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The Downside of Buying Leads

The Downside of Buying Leads With the high level of frustration that most business owners express over the inability to gain visibility, and generate qualified leads, on the platforms and other media, many turn to the option of buying leads. To be clear, we’re…

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How to Hold Your Marketing Partner Accountable

If you’re considering hiring a marketing partner, there are really only two options for accountability. And neither necessitates “paying for performance.” Option 1: Measuring by Their Results “Measuring by their results” basically means that you judge your vendor’s performance based on their ability to successfully deliver…

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How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Spoiler Alert: They key is identifying and eliminating waste. As John Wanamaker said nearly 100 years ago, “Half my advertising budget is wasted; the problem is that I don’t know which half.” Today, with all the options available for marketing and promotion, and all…

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